HEY FRIENDS! I'd like to present a gift to you if you've never heard of me, Wesley Wee
You might not be able to tell from this picture but I am a sufferer of severe cerebral palsy since birth. My speech is inaudible and I am wheelchair bound with very limited in my range of movements.

But this website is not about how bad and terrible life has been to me, in fact it is about inspiration and hope. AND.....

As a first "Nice to meet you" gift, I'd like to send you a chapter of my book "Finding Happiness against the odds" in digital form(PDF).
One chapter isn't good enough? Wish to purchase the book(s) instead?
If you'd like to purchase my book, just click the red button below and you'll be brought to a page with options on how to proceed. :-)
Some Highlights of the book....
  • Childhood: I was an unwanted child and subjected to constant abuse.
  • Adulthood: Due to the trauma caused by my biological family, I actually attempted to take my life 4 times. I still have scars to show from this dark episode of my life.
  • New Beginning: How I was blessed and now life seems to be full of hope. 
  • ​What I hope for you: No matter what is thrown at you, be strong and resilient!
It took me 6 long years to complete this book but it was all worth it!
The video above shows how I was able to type it word for word WITH just my Big right toe.

Not bad right? :-)
Hey, Wesley! I wanna buy your completed book.
Price: $20 each
I am sure there will be many of you interested to purchase my book(s) to get the full story and experience the inspirational/motivating message behind it.

Just Click the Big Red button below on how to get them. You will be brought to another page with details. 
My latest venture: Custom Print T-Shirts!
Price: $17 and above...
Looking for some "cool" T-Shirts to include in your wardrobe with a nice meaning behind them?

Check out my large assortment of T-Shirts with themes "Finding Happiness against the odds" and Bible Verses.

These are T-Shirts of 100% cotton which Lorena(my lovely wife) and me sourced , to ensure you get the best quality wear.

Click on the button below to send me a Whats App text at 9800 7923 , I'll be glad to show you screenshots of designs n Sizes.
Join my awesome Facebook Group 
"Friends of Wesley"
I created this Facebook Group of like minded friends to help spread awareness for my brothers and sisters in the same plight like me(disabled).

Let's make this world a one with empathy and love for the disabled shall we?

CLICK HERE and you'll be brought to the Facebook Group. Just click join and I'll see you inside. :-)
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